Social Business Is the Biggest Game-Changer in a Decade

Are you happy with your business results with “social”?

In 2014, too many executives are still looking for the beef: although social media attracts attention, real business results have been illusive. You don’t have to settle for “brand building” results. The secret is using social technologies to interact more than promote. Build a scalable business by showing people you care—in digital public. Social media sells, social business interacts.

The Social Network Roadmap de-risks social business. Launched by CSRA in 2008, the SNR has been used by businesses, governments and nonprofits to mitigate risks like these:

  • Costly social media initiatives that don’t measurably impact profit or mission.
  • “Me too” social media that focuses on not looking bad instead of making money.
  • Factions that vie to “own social” by launching competing initiatives.
  • Fluffy “results” that lead executives to think “there’s no there there” in social.
  • Punitive social policies that prevent employees from interacting and adding value.

SNR is an agile framework that uses best-in-class fast-cycle methods to help organizations succeed with ambitious social business projects. You can use this site to practice social business better:

  • About SNR is all you need to know about the framework: use cases, tracks and more.
  • All Posts accesses CSRA thought leadership on best-in-class social business.
  • Best of the Web recommends social business innovation posts by other thought leaders.

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